Small Swimwear Guide from Bruno Banani: Boardshorts, Swim Shorts, or Classic Swim Briefs for Men Compared

Men and their swimwear: The selection of swim or beachwear for men is as vast as their fashionable preferences. Often, the demands on the function of each style play a crucial role in the choice.

Boardshorts: Made for Surfers and Other Water Sports Enthusiasts

Next in length are boardshorts. They are cut closer to the body and end just above the knee. Due to their durability, thanks to selected fabric qualities and other functional features, they are specifically tailored to the needs of surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Swim Shorts: The Most Popular Variant Among Men's Swim Trunks

Let's move on to classic swim shorts: They end just above the knee and are considered one of the most popular variants worldwide. No wonder, as they convince most men with their multifunctional properties. Classic swim shorts are suitable for swimming as well as other sports activities like beach volleyball or even surfing. A visit to the beach cafe is also possible without any issues.

Swim Briefs or Speedo: Minimal Fabric and Body-Hugging Fit for Swimmers and Athletes

Then there is the Speedo with a high leg cut, also referred to as classic swim briefs. It fits closely to the body and is the favorite of swimmers and other athletes who require maximum freedom of movement with minimal water resistance.

Bruno Banani Swim Shorts: Exclusive Designs by Dominik Stuckmann for the Perfect Beach Appearance

As in the underwear range, Bruno Banani takes a unique approach to swimwear. With the well-known sports manager and entrepreneur Dominik Stuckmann, an exclusive collection of classic swim shorts was developed. The 2022 Bachelor is a recognized fashion expert, influencer, and recently became a Bruno Banani ambassador. He has already impressively demonstrated his sense of global fashion trends and his willingness to experiment with innovative cuts and functions with his first swimwear collection for Bruno Banani. With the initial small but exquisite selection, he laid the foundation for a growing Bruno Banani swimwear collection that is expected to evolve gradually over the coming seasons.

Fashionable Boardshorts Take Center Stage in Dominik Stuckmann's Collection for Bruno Banani

Stuckmann focused the first collaboration on creating fashionable boardshorts. This classic symbolizes, like no other short, the joy of life and carefree days at the beach or on a club vacation at a sun-drenched coast. No appointments, just blissful drifting. Relaxed strolling along the promenade, a drink at the beach bar, and in between sports: How about a surfing lesson? Swimming in the open sea or in the hotel pool in Bruno Banani boardshorts is a daily routine on these dreamy beach days.

Bruno Banani Boardshorts with Added Value Combine Fashion with Function

This vacation routine demands clothing beyond what normal swim shorts can offer. This is precisely where Dominik Stuckmann, with his Bruno Banani swimwear collection for men, fills a fashionable and functional niche. The shorts are cleverly cut to easily handle all the described beach and sports situations: both swimming and a café visit. How does it work? Dominik Stuckmann's shorts integrate the functions of their fabric models. They have side pockets and a back pocket for storing important items such as keys or money. The quick-drying material ensures comfort and convenience after swimming.

On the fashion front, the collection also scores. The rubberized logo on the front creates a unique look and emphasizes the high quality of the design. The material made of 100% high-quality polyester offers a firm, almost fabric-like feel. However, it is extremely lightweight and therefore ideal for swimming. Since the breathable high-tech material dries extremely quickly, the shorts are ready for a trip to the café or restaurant right after swimming.

Bruno Banani Swim Shorts: High-Tech Fabrics for Vibrant Prints in Perfect Craftsmanship

The selection of fabrics and designs for the Bruno Banani swimwear collection takes up a large part of the creative process. Like all modern swim trunks for men, quick-drying materials that are resistant to chlorine and saltwater are in demand. Here, an especially noble, extremely durable polyester was chosen, providing a perfect base even for vibrant colors. Because the Bruno Banani digital prints demand fabrics of the highest quality to unfold their full luminosity. Like all Bruno Banani products, the swim shorts impress with modern cuts and meticulous craftsmanship down to the smallest detail. Every seam is perfect, nothing pinches or restricts freedom of movement. A modern swim short can't do more.