The Key Fragrance Concepts of Bruno Banani Women's Perfumes at a Glance

Bruno Banani women's fragrances offer a wide selection of perfume compositions that appeal to various scent preferences.

Bruno Banani Woman: A fragrance like the modern woman: charming and sophisticated, cheeky and seductive at the same time. It covers all facets of femininity, creating magical moments full of energy and sensuality in every situation. The top notes of zesty orange, ivy, and gentle water lily fascinate and surprise, opening the heart of the fragrance with sensual peach, intense freesia, and lily of the valley. The dazzling crescendo in the base notes of white musk and creamy vanilla will captivate any man. The typically asymmetrical bottle in devil's horn design emphasizes the playful message behind the fragrance: Enjoy life, the moment, and don't take it too seriously.

Bruno Banani Pure Woman: This fragrance concept is pure freshness and seduction in one bottle. Notes of green tea, bergamot, watermelon, jasmine, and rose provide this. Especially in the exciting game of seduction, contrasts are the spice of life. The wearer of the enchanting Bruno Banani Pure Woman fragrance appears heavenly casual and sinfully cheerful at the same time - a sweet angel and a naughty devil.

Bruno Banani Magic Woman: This unusual women's fragrance combines fruity with oriental notes. Black currant, passion fruit, vanilla, and musk. This exciting contrast mirrors the modern woman: sober in everyday life and sensual when it matters.

Bruno Banani Magnetic Woman: This exotic fragrance composition is as attractive as a magnet: lively fruitiness and sweet seduction, flanked by warm-spicy aromas, ignite the fire of passion at the first encounter. Noble jasmine, Gianduja cocoa, and subtly spicy cedar combine to create an irresistible, multifaceted, and unique olfactory experience.

Bruno Banani Dangerous Woman: This woman may seem dangerous, but in reality, she knows exactly what she wants. Her radiant self-confidence can be intimidating but is undeniably sexy. The top notes captivate with the unusual mix of raspberry, mandarin, and bergamot, the heart notes of jasmine, tuberose, and peony provide the sensual transition and find their enchanting conclusion with vanilla, sandalwood, and musk in the base.

Bruno Banani Absolute Woman: The sweet and cheeky woman finds her favorite in this fascinating fragrance: the captivating combination of fruity pink grapefruit and spicy pink pepper brings out all facets of femininity. Sugared amber and sweet vanilla provide the sensual base. The concept is supported by the coral-red bottle in the shape of a devil's horn.