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In the bruno banani online shop, you'll find a carefully curated selection of bra models for every purpose and occasion. Whether it's an underwire bra, sports bra, push-up bra, padded bra, or spacer bra, bruno banani has the exact models in your size that you need. You can mix and match with the appropriate panties, briefs, or thongs to create various, personalized lingerie sets. Explore freely in the bruno banani online shop. The vast and exclusive selection of bras will inspire and delight you. You're sure to come up with new ideas on how to effortlessly expand your lingerie wardrobe with top-notch bras and sexy lingerie.

bruno banani Lingerie School: Which Underwear Suits Me?

Thanks to the extensive selection of different lingerie variants, it will be easy for you to make the right decision. Find a little guidance here in the bruno banani lingerie school. Discover the types of bras and underwear available and which ones perfectly suit you.

Perfect Support for Every Bust. Comparing bruno banani Bras

Every woman's body is unique, including their breasts and décolletages. Depending on the size and shape of the bust, different bras are recommended. The occasion often determines the choice of lingerie as well. Nevertheless, there are some natural rules to consider. In general, women with larger breasts need bras with more support, while those with smaller breasts prefer bras that create a more natural shape or add more size.

Here are the Bra Models Overview:
Underwire Bra: The underwire bra is considered a classic and an all-rounder for all bust sizes. At bruno banani, it is available in unwired, pure form or with pre-formed, padded cups. Whether cup size A or D, the incorporated underwires provide secure support to every bust.

T-Shirt Bra: Bruno banani's T-shirt bras, with or without pre-formed cups, are suitable for all bust sizes. They are worn under tight shirts or sweaters. Their smooth surface prevents the bra from showing through and, at the same time, creates a beautiful décolleté.
Push-Up Bra: With a push-up bra from bruno banani, you can create a new reality. The padded cups lift and visually enlarge the bust. This little trick often results not only in a full décolleté but also in a completely new, seductive silhouette.
Padded Bra: Bruno banani's padded bras are also suitable for all sizes. They are wire-free and hug your bust perfectly. They are available in various versions: with soft cups, as a sporty bustier, or as a bralette with seductive lace.
Spacer Bra: Bruno banani's spacer bras are available in all common sizes. The cups of this bra are made of spacer, a breathable, very lightweight material that guarantees a perfect fit and support. Bruno banani's spacer bras promise an extremely comfortable wearing experience.
Bustier: Or how about a bustier from bruno banani? It fits so softly and comfortably to your body that you'll hardly feel it. There are both sporty bustiers made of elastic cotton and sexy bralettes made of seductive lace. However, for women with larger cup sizes, a bustier or bralette is not recommended as they may not provide optimal support for the breasts.