Bruno Banani Strings: The Ideal Underwear for Body-Conscious Men

Bruno Banani Strings are the top choice for men who love body-hugging clothing. Anything that adds bulk is a nuisance. And this is where a Bruno Banani string is the perfect solution. It is cut similarly to women's thongs but tailored to the needs of the male physique. The result is underwear as minimalist as it can be. It fully covers the intimate area but leaves the buttocks completely exposed. A men's string is especially useful when the wearer is in tight-fitting jeans or a suit where nothing should show through.

Fashionably Ahead: Bruno Banani Strings Unleash Maximum Impact on Minimal Space

The string remains a constant in Bruno Banani's Premium Line. In the imaginative collections, the Bruno Banani string, alongside shorts and sportslips, is the third alternative in the underwear drawer. Especially in terms of fashion, the Bruno Banani design sets would be incomplete without a string; they bring an optical sensation. The imaginative and often profound prints of the collection unfold their compact and impressive effect, especially on the limited front part of the string. The neckline is chosen so that all facets of the design are compressed into the smallest space. No motif is repeated; all components of the design stand alone, speaking for themselves, and all the more impressively. The concentration of the design in such a small space gives it a special depth and radiance.

Perfect Cut for Comfortable Fit and Comfort: Men's Strings by Bruno Banani Set Their Own Standards

Like every piece in Bruno Banani's underwear cosmos, the men's string is a product of the highest quality standards. In addition to the high fashion level – guaranteed by the innovative designs of the Premium Line – the products also meet the highest quality standards in terms of cutting technology. Why is that? Bruno Banani is always up to date with technology. The cuts of all underwear are designed to fulfill their respective purposes in the intimate area optimally. In the case of strings, the function is to be as discreet as possible. Bruno Banani has several advantages in this regard: The innovative material architecture of the Premium Line ensures a perfect fit and, at the same time, maximum freedom of movement. This is thanks to the high-tech material of skin-friendly, breathable polyester with elastane, with built-in stretch effect. Meticulous craftsmanship and elastic shaping seams also provide the utmost comfort and wearability. In combination with the top-modern print, Bruno Banani strings become textile masterpieces where everything is just right: function, form, and fashion. It can't get any better.

Strings in the Mirror of History: Bruno Banani is Committed to Tradition

Men who view a string as, let's say, a suggestive piece of underwear should take a look back into the past. This form of men's underwear was worn by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs. This primal underwear was then taken up and reinterpreted in the 1970s by fashion designer Rudi Gernreich. He initially created the "No-bra bra" for women as a minimalist alternative to the traditional bra. Later, he transferred this design principle to men's underwear, where the string was the pinnacle. Rudi Gernreich has inspired entire generations of designers to realize their visions of the string. Bruno Banani sees it as a special challenge to enrich the world of lingerie each season with the most spectacular string designs.