bruno banani Women's Shirts: Sporty, Sexy, and Functional

A shirt is a shirt: Whether under a blazer, a blouse, or for sports, shirts are a universally versatile clothing item. The demands for a well-fitting women's shirt are high: Besides a close-fitting cut that still allows for plenty of freedom of movement, the material architecture, above all, decides whether it becomes a favorite in the wardrobe or remains untouched. At bruno banani, it's simple; every shirt in the so far small (but growing) collection has the potential to be an absolute favorite. The sport shirts are designed to be suitable for many occasions. The intelligent cut and excellent craftsmanship alone give them a particularly high-quality appearance. Additionally, they score with an extremely skin-friendly, breathable, and elastic fiber. They move with every motion and ensure

bruno banani Sport Shirts: The Universal Solution for All Occasions

Anyone who believes that a sport shirt is only for the gym or jogging has not yet discovered the models from bruno banani. It's high time to do so. The shirts primarily score with the unique combination of top-modern, elegant cuts and high-end materials. They fit like a second skin and complement the respective look and occasion for which they are worn. During the day, they are ideally combinable from a fashion perspective with any outerwear – whether under a blouse, blazer, or leather jacket with jeans or a miniskirt. During sports, they demonstrate their great strength in a different way: In addition to exclusive, ergonomic cuts for perfect movement, intelligent material blends ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Noble high-tech fibers like polyamide combined with elastane or super-soft modal blends make wearing them a sensual experience. How wonderful that these models are not only used for sports.

Sport Shirt New Rib by bruno banani: Always Perfectly Dressed

The Sport Shirt New Rib by bruno banani convinces with its classic cut. The round neckline makes it a coveted companion for all activities – suitable for the job as well as for all sports activities. This is mainly due to the combination of fashion expertise and comfort. The opaque, skin-friendly, and breathable fine-rib material moves with every motion. The bruno banani logo applied on the side is a fashionable eye-catcher and at the same time a quality seal. The shirt pairs perfectly with the New Rib Leggings by bruno banani. The outfit, combined with a wide belt, casual blazer, and high heels, is the ideal evening wardrobe. However, it is equally suitable for sports. A perfectly coordinated team that fulfills its purpose on every journey. It is universally applicable, wrinkles, can be easily washed, and dries in no time. A multifunctional wardrobe can't offer more.