Strings Herren

String Colorful Micro
Color: black | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
€9.95 €24.95 (60.12% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €9.95
String Funky Forest
Color: pink/grün print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
The bruno banani men's thong Funky Forest is a tribute to the power of forests. Their elemental power, healthy air and calming aura strengthen the mind and soul of all those challenged by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This print brings the soothing feeling of a forest bath from the linen closet directly onto the skin. The colour melange of green and pink reinforces this special, almost spiritual dimension. But this is not just about beautiful design and esotericism. In addition to the fantastically beautiful design of this bruno banani men's underwear, the series convinces with the highest wearing comfort. The latest cutting technology, the best material quality and perfect craftsmanship make Funky Forest a textile event that you can see and feel. This is underwear that is not only practical but also makes a fashion statement.
€11.47 €22.95 (50.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.47
String Long Beach
Color: turquoise print | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
The sun sets the pace for the days. Until siesta time, you enjoy every second in the water, on a lounger or in a beach chair, accompanied by the summer symphony of the sound of the sea, the murmur of voices and the cries of seagulls. After lunch, you take a siesta and recharge your batteries for the second act of the day, which ends with a cheerful beach party. Never let these days come to an end! Let us accompany you with the "Long Beach" series from bruno banani. Feel well-dressed and take the spirit outside.
€16.07 €22.95 (29.98% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €16.07
String Panel
Color: blau/grün print | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
The bruno banani men's thong panel convinces all along the line. The design of this underwear is inspired by what many of us encounter in the workplace every day: The screen with the respective panel type, which as part of the monitor determines the image quality of our laptop. The green-blue print convinces with its iridescent colourfulness and attention to detail. When viewed for a long time, it unfolds an almost hypnotic, psychedelic effect. This fantastically beautiful men's underwear is particularly convincing because of its excellent wearing properties thanks to innovative, state-of-the-art cutting technology. The secure fit is supported by the elastic high-tech material architecture, which makes these pants a comfortable bruno banani fashion must-have for underneath. The colour-fast quality of the material in combination with the perfect craftsmanship guarantees an all-round perfect product experience with these men's shorts.
€11.47 €22.95 (50.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.47
String Retro Power
Color: schwarz/rot/orange print | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
Discover the powerful fusion of style and comfort with the "Retro Power" collection. Made from a high-quality material mix of 88% polyester and 12% elastane, they not only offer an ideal fit, but also an impressive design that emphasises your personality.Immerse yourself in a bold fusion of black, red and orange, presented in striking geo shapes that unfold like a living prism. This exciting print metaphorically represents diversity, dynamism and the ability to refract light into its individual facets. The contrasting colours create an energetic tension and symbolise passion, strength and creativity.With an eye-catching label on the front, these pants are not just a piece of clothing, but a statement of self-confident style and individuality. Whether you're getting ready for an active day or simply want to feel good - the "Retro Power" underwear offers you the perfect companion for every moment.
€22.95 incl. VAT Member payment €20.66
String Supernova
Color: Space print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
The bruno banani men's thong Supernova is men's underwear with a dreamy print, with the highest fashion standards. This extraordinary print allows for many fantasies and a wide range of interpretations: Is it a magical night sky whose hypnotic pull no one can resist? Does it take us to infinite galaxies beyond imagination or to a dreamland at the bottom of our soul? No matter what association this magical play of colours triggers in the viewer: Supernova is bruno banani fashion for underneath, with a space print in a class of its own that inspires us in everyday life and beyond. In addition to its top-fashionable colour scheme of gold and blue tones on a black background, this series from the current bruno banani underwear collection impresses with excellent wear properties, thanks to outstanding material quality and workmanship.
€11.47 €22.95 (50.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.47