Multipack Shorts

Short 2Pack Denim Fun
Color: anthrazit melange // graumelange | Sizes: XXXL | Variante: Standard
Jeans wear the trousers here: DENIM FUN celebrates the most iconic item of clothing for men in the fashionable colours of green blend and grey blend as well as the matching partner option. This is a perfect design for all lovers of jeans and the cheeky waistband with the writing in a contrasting colour can be shown off too. This is a welcome addition to all the monochrome prints in the collection.
€28.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.06
Long Short 2Pack All Day
Color: black | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
€34.95 incl. VAT Member payment €31.46
Short 3Pack Energy Cotton
Color: black | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
The high-quality, slightly shiny look of the material combined with the super-soft waistband for a high level of cosiness and comfort make ENERGY COTTON a special tactile experience. The "memory effect" created by the material blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastane allows the product to return to its original shape once it has moulded perfectly to the body.
€24.47 €34.95 (29.99% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €24.47
Short 2Pack Luxury
Color: granit/vanille/gold print | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
The 2pack of bruno banani men's Luxury shorts by bruno banani says it all. The luxurious, tight-fitting pants with longer leg, normal waistband height and comfortable soft elastic waistband will not only make men's hearts beat faster. The print combines the top fashion colours gold, vanilla and granite to create a unique, finely illustrated pattern mix. The skin-friendly and elastic material blend in a sophisticated cotton and elastane mix provides the famous "memory effect". This not only guarantees a perfect fit, but also maximum comfort. These shorts by bruno banani have no annoying seat seam and a super-soft jockstrap with cotton insert. And so the conclusion to this bruno banani Premium 2pack is: A model that convinces with its look and comfort and is therefore pure luxury for underwear.
€19.95 €39.95 (50.06% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €19.95
Short 2Pack Sequence
Color: grau/schwarz/rot print // schwarz | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
The 2pack Sequence by bruno banani features a particularly modern design that brings a hidden message. The letter print in black, grey and red is particularly decorative thanks to the bright red capital letters. The attentive observer will immediately notice that these would make the brand name bruno banani if they were arranged correctly. Here too, the black counterpart benefits fashionably from the reflection of the colour scheme in the waistband area. These bruno banani men's shorts offer their wearer maximum comfort around the clock. The proven cotton/elastane blend with memory effect and the excellent craftsmanship ensure a unique wearing sensation at any time of day or night. The perfect men's pants for all those who not only love the highest wearing comfort, but also want to proudly present the brand name of their bruno banani men's underwear.
€20.96 €29.95 (30.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €20.96
Short 2Pack Wildfire
Color: schwarz/rot print // schwarz | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
The 2pack with dynamic print in black and red and its monochrome counterpart in black is inspired by the mighty wildfires. Like a tsunami or volcanic eruption, they belong to the forces of nature and are a natural part of our life on the planet. This fantastically beautiful print describes the natural phenomenon in a congenial way. In addition, the duo scores with an extraordinary wearing experience. The breathable and shape-retaining material architecture made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent elastane envelops the body like a second skin. Every man goes through fire for these shorts.
€20.95 €29.95 (30.05% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €20.95
Color: schwarz/marine/weiß | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
The 3Pack Easy Life from bruno banani is a classic for every fashion-conscious man's underwear wardrobe. The colours black, navy and white match any outerwear. The comfortable, close fit of these elegant shorts in particular makes them a universal all-rounder. These innovative basic shorts owe their close fit primarily to the breathable material architecture made from 93 per cent cotton and 7 per cent elastane. The slight stretch content ensures the bruno banani memory effect and therefore a particularly comfortable wearing experience. Elasticated shaped seams, the absence of a seat seam and the super-soft cotton suspenders give the feeling of a second skin and make Easy Life an indispensable everyday companion.
€27.96 €39.95 (30.01% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €27.96
Short 2Pack Flowing
Color: goldgelb/schwarz // schwarz/goldgelb | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
Also in this season our popular 2-pack of tight-fitting boxer shorts from the bruno banani Young Line FLOWING leaves nothing to be desired. The perfected material composition of the underpants gives the trunks the best wearing comfort and a long-lasting fit.
€11.95 €22.95 (47.93% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short 2Pack Micro Simply
Color: black | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
The MICRO SIMPLY shorts from bruno banani made from soft microfibre guarantee the highest level of quality and comfort. The fabric-covered waistband ensures a perfect fit and prevents uncomfortable cutting, while the label in the centre of the front adds a stylish accent. That's why these shorts are available in an attractive double pack. The tight-fitting pants not only offer excellent support, but also a smooth, seamless silhouette under any clothing. With no seat seam and a cotton insert in the jockstrap, they offer additional comfort and protection. Not for everybody, but for you! Experience the unrivalled feeling of luxury against your skin and enjoy the perfect fit all day long.
€22.46 €29.95 (25.01% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €22.46
Short 2Pack Quick Access
Color: schwarz/orange // rot/orange | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
The Quick Access 2Pack shorts in three colour options from bruno banani are the perfect everyday companion. These sexy shorts for men are a fashionable hit thanks to their simple and understated elegance and neutral colour choice, making them a universal pair of men's underwear. They also excel in terms of their optimum comfort. The innovative material mix of 93 percent cotton and 7 percent elastane ensures an ideal fit and a perfect feel. The built-in stretch content with memory function maintains the shape after every wash in these exciting shorts for men. The lack of a seat seam and the super-soft, high-quality cotton suspension are also particularly pleasant. Designer underwear for fashion-conscious men that leaves nothing to be desired and meets even the highest demands with ease. Get this perfect duo here and now in the bruno banani online shop at a sensational price!
€28.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.06
Long Short 2Pack Long Life 2.0
Color: blue | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
Classic meets fashion: LONG LIFE 2.0 is the name of these fashionable long shorts in a 2PACK and their colours, blue, bordeaux red and black are as classic as their cut. They represent supreme masculinity geared towards set values. A must-have for all who remain true to their convictions and defend them confidently.
€20.26 €28.95 (30.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €20.26
Short 2Pack Nautics
Color: hellblau/petrol print // petrol | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
The anchor motif of this remarkable multipack symbolises the desire for the sea. Discovering the world on board a sailing yacht or cruise ship, dropping anchor in unknown harbours and exploring the city or town from there. What could be better? The tried-and-tested, stretchy and breathable material architecture made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane ensures a perfect fit and all-round wearing comfort.
€18.86 €26.95 (30.02% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €18.86
Short 2Pack Calathea
Color: gletscherblau/ wasserblau print // wasserblau | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
Discover the beauty of nature with every step wearing the "Calathea" men's shorts from bruno banani in a double pack. Treat yourself to the luxury of comfort and style, packaged in a design that honours nature and adds a touch of freshness to your day.Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the calathea plant, captured in vibrant contrasts on high-quality cotton. Each pair of shorts features unique patterns inspired by the rich colours and shapes of nature.The elasticated material retains its shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit and freedom of movement, whether you're active or just relaxing. The simple lettering on the waistband adds a subtle accent while emphasising the high-quality workmanship.
€24.95 incl. VAT Member payment €22.46
Short 3Pack Golden Goal
Color: schwarz/rot/gold | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
Celebrate the football in style and comfort with this exclusive 3-pack, a special edition that will make every football fan's heart beat faster! This set contains three shorts in the classic colours of black, red and gold, perfectly matched to the excitement and passion of the tournament.Made from high-quality material consisting of 93% cotton and 7% elastane, our shorts not only offer first-class style, but also an optimum fit and unrivalled comfort. Whether you're on the pitch or watching the game from the sidelines, these shorts will keep you moving and feeling comfortable all round.
€29.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.96
Short 2Pack Moon Phase
Color: weinrot/blau print // wasserblau | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
Experience heavenly comfort with our ‘Moon Phase’ double pack of shorts! Let's gaze at the moon together and leave everyday life behind. Our ‘Moon Phase’ pants are made from a pleasant cotton blend that is not only gentle on the skin, but also ensures an unrivalled wearing comfort.Enjoy the feeling of lightness and cosiness that our ‘Moon Phase’ shorts offer. Ideal for every day, whether you're relaxing at home or out and about. Treat yourself and your skin to the best and experience the luxury of ‘Moon Phase’.
€24.95 incl. VAT Member payment €22.46