Shorts Herren

Short print Burn
Color: orange/rot print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
Experience the untamed power in your underwear drawer with our new men's pants from bruno banani in a trendy flame print! This underwear is not only stylish, but also a statement for men who want to show off their inner passion.The exciting flame print with heart detail adds a touch of adventure to your underwear and brings out the fire in you. Whether you're a passionate adventurer, daredevil or simply someone who goes their own way - these pants are made for bold men who want to stand out from the crowd.Made from high-quality materials, our shorts not only offer a cool look, but also unbeatable comfort. The elasticated waistband ensures a perfect fit, while the breathable material keeps you fresh and confident all day long.Ignite your passion and heat things up - with our "Burn" range. Available now to spice up your everyday life with a touch of fire!
€11.95 €29.95 (60.1% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Animal Life
Color: schwarz/braun-print | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
Animal printed men's shorts from bruno banani not only provide comfort, but also add a playful touch to your underwear. The patterns, inspired by various animals, create a dynamic and lively look. These boxer shorts are perfect for men who want to show off their sense of humour and their fashionable side.With elasticated cuffs and soft material, they offer not only style but also all-day comfort. Combine them with a simple T-shirt or shirt for a casual look at home or as a secret style element under your everyday clothes.These printed shorts are more than just underwear - they're an expression of fun and individuality. Add a touch of wildness to your wardrobe and start the day with a smile!
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Extreme
Color: gelb/schwarz print | Sizes: XXXL | Variante: Standard
Men's shorts from bruno banani with abstract patterns, inspired by old rock paintings and the wilderness, give your underwear an artistic touch. The designs tell stories of originality and nature. These comfortable boxer shorts are not only stylish, but also pay homage to the animal world.Unleash your true nature with these boxer shorts that offer visual appeal and all-day comfort. Wear them as a personal statement or pair them with a casual outfit at home.These bruno banani shorts with abstract, inspiring patterns are more than just underwear - they are an artistic journey into the past and a tribute to the wild side of life. Bring this fascinating combination of art and nature into your wardrobe and experience the day with a touch of creative flair!
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short City Art
Color: multicolour print | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
This fascinating multicolour print celebrates vibrant city life in all its breathtaking facets. From leisurely strolls through picturesque streets to relaxed breaks in charming cafés - this print takes you on a journey through the fascinating diversity of urban life.To complete the day, a romantic dinner on the roof terrace of a trendy restaurant awaits you. Enjoy the view over the sparkling sea of lights to the distant horizon and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the city.For style-conscious men, we present high-quality polyester shorts with an exclusive print. These shorts combine comfort and style and are the perfect addition to your urban adventures. The high-quality fabric makes them comfortable to wear, while the exciting print adds a touch of modernity. Discover the city in all its glory and emphasise your individual style with these exclusive shorts.
€29.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.96
Short print Iguana
Color: schwarz/orange/gelb print | Sizes: XXXL | Variante: Standard
Discover our exclusive lizard shorts for a stylish summer look! The vibrant pattern in rich colors gives your outfit a fashionable and natural touch. Our lightweight and breathable shorts are not only ideal for hot days at the beach, but also perfect for relaxed walks in the park. The cut offers not only comfort but also elegance, so you can feel effortlessly at ease - whether in the city or in the jungle. Make a statement for nature and style yourself trend-consciously with our lizard print shorts! Discover them now and enjoy the summer to the full.
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Colour Board
Color: multicolour print | Sizes: XXXL | Variante: Standard
Experience the charm of times gone by with our colorful retro pattern shorts! The vibrant designs, inspired by decades gone by, give your summer look a unique personality. Lightweight, breathable and with a cut that combines comfort and style, these shorts are perfect for summer occasions. Pair them with your favorite T-shirts for a trendy, carefree look that's guaranteed to stand out. Discover our unique retro pattern shorts and add a touch of nostalgia to your closet. Retro chic is always on trend - be stylish and celebrate summer with our trendy pattern shorts! Discover them now and shine in a colorful look.
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Suspend
Color: marine/fuchsia print | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
€6.50 €11.95 (45.61% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €6.50
Short print Deluxe
Color: schwarz/honig print | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short Partitur
Color: LETTER print | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
The men's short score by bruno banani is a letter print in the colours of late summer that we love so much. With a normal leg length and waistband height, letters in various shades of red and yellow cavort on a dark blue background, clearly forming a score from the bruno banani brand name. But what does it sound like? Happy, thoughtful or relaxed? This is left to the imagination of the wearer and the observer. If the design is still a mystery, the functional aspects are crystal clear: the series convinces its wearers and viewers with a perfect fit and guarantees an all-round sexy silhouette. This bruno banani underwear owes its excellent wearing properties above all to innovative, state-of-the-art cutting technology combined with flexible high-tech material architecture and excellent craftsmanship. Nothing more is possible for the new favourite bruno banani underwear.
€29.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.96
Short print Curtain
Color: weinrot/Blätter print | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
The Short Curtain by bruno banani is an reminder of the autumn that follows every summer. The curtain has fallen, a new act begins. The colours of nature change, the leaves on the trees glow fire-red before falling gently to the ground as if redeemed. The days grow shorter, as darkness falls, a quiet melancholy settles over the countryside and the silhouettes of the cities, which remain recognisable only by their lights. The print of the Men's Short Curtain reflects precisely this mood. Bluish leaves cavort on a wine-red background, heralding the start of autumn. Like the design, the craftsmanship of this men's underwear is a poem. A refined, modern cut, excellent craftsmanship and the tried-and-tested cotton/elastane blend with memory effect provide every wearer with an all-round perfect fit and unique wearing comfort.
€17.95 incl. VAT Member payment €16.16
Short Energy Cotton
Color: black | Sizes: 3XL | Variante: Standard
The high-quality, slightly shiny look of the material combined with the super-soft waistband for a high level of cosiness and comfort make ENERGY COTTON a special tactile experience. The "memory effect" created by the material blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastane allows the product to return to its original shape once it has moulded perfectly to the body.
€11.95 €26.95 (55.66% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short Panthera
Color: schwarz/beige-print | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
They roam the jungle, the savannah or the high mountains. Alone or in herds, they are driven by hunger and other basic needs. Aren't we all panthers? This beautiful men's underwear from bruno banani celebrates masculinity with one of nature's strongest motifs.
€29.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.96
Short print Nugget
Color: grau/gold print | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
€11.95 €29.95 (60.1% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Festivity
Color: sanddorn/schwarz print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
€11.95 €29.95 (60.1% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Tranquil
Color: jeansblau/goldgelb/schwarz print | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
The print of the bruno banani Tranquil short has a strong, almost hypnotic pull. The design combines three strong trend colours of the season - denim blue, golden yellow and black - on one surface. The abstract pattern is reminiscent of a starry night sky, which is particularly good to admire on a summer holiday at the beach. Only the B poses a riddle... Does it perhaps stand for the initials of bruno banani? Far more concrete is the unique wearing feeling. The special, high-quality cotton/elastane blend with memory effect, state-of-the-art cut technology and perfect workmanship make these shorts a favourite in any underwear wardrobe. Winter can come, because with these men's shorts you are not only fashionably top positioned, but also ensure the highest wearing comfort at the same time. And what more can you expect from underwear for men?
€17.95 incl. VAT Member payment €16.16
Short print Meditation
Color: goldgelb/blau print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
With its symmetrical structure and recurring graphic elements, the bruno banani men's Meditation short looks like a classic wallpaper or mandala. The pattern, combined with the calming colour combination of golden yellow and blue, puts the viewer in a trance-like state after only a short time. The comfort of the shorts is equally convincing. The unique material architecture results from a perfectly coordinated cotton/elastane blend with memory effect. State-of-the-art cutting technology and excellent craftsmanship make the all-round pleasant, feather-light wearing experience perfect. This makes the Meditation short, underwear for men, which scores points all along the line with a calming print and maximum wearing comfort. With these shorts, nothing will stand in the way of your next extensive meditation: Meditation by bruno banani is the perfect companion for a little well-deserved me-time.
€17.95 incl. VAT Member payment €16.16
Short Funky Forest
Color: pink/grün print | Sizes: L | Variante: Standard
The bruno banani men's short Funky Forest is a tribute to the power of forests. Their elemental power, healthy air and calming aura strengthen the mind and soul of all those challenged by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This print brings the soothing feeling of a forest bath from the linen closet directly to the skin. The colour melange of green and pink reinforces this special, almost spiritual dimension. But this is not just about beautiful design and esotericism. In addition to the fantastically beautiful design of this bruno banani men's underwear, the series convinces with the highest wearing comfort. The latest cutting technology, the best material quality and perfect craftsmanship make Funky Forest a textile event that you can see and feel. This is underwear that is not only practical but also makes a fashion statement.
€29.95 incl. VAT Member payment €26.96
Short Winner
Color: anthracite melange | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
The boxer briefs WINNER meet men’s expectations of stylish underwear. The elastic fibre guarantees an optimal fit of these trunks.
€9.95 €26.95 (63.08% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €9.95
Short Colorful Micro
Color: efeugrün | Sizes: XXL | Variante: Standard
The Colourful Micro - Shorts by bruno banani in various monochrome, brilliant summer colours will instantly put you in a good mood. The close-fitting men's shorts with regular leg and elasticated seams guarantee an incomparably light, super-comfortable feel. It comes without a seat seam, is breathable, easy to care for and has a particularly high-quality, super-soft cotton stretch fabric. All this makes this design an indispensable accompaniment through everyday life. The normal waistband height and the inner soft elastic waistband of this special underwear for men also guarantee maximum comfort around the tummy. Don't miss out on this special piece of underwear! These fashionable men's shorts are currently available in the bruno banani online shop at a great price!
€11.95 €27.95 (57.25% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €11.95
Short print Wildlife
Color: marine/fuchsia print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
Discover trendy men's shorts with an exciting zebra pattern - our must-have for men who want to stand out from the crowd! The vibrant zebra pattern not only gives your look a wild touch, but also ensures optimum comfort and freedom of movement.Our breathable "Wildlife" shorts are perfect for the gym, forays or relaxing hours at home. This stylish garment is more than just fashion - it's an expression of your individuality and shows that your style is just as unique as you are.Conquer the streets with a touch of wildness and be ready to attract attention wherever you go. Get your bruno banani shorts now and get ready for a fashionable adventure - wild, stylish and absolutely essential! Order now and show the world your unique style.
€6.50 €11.95 (45.61% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €6.50
Short Clear Sky
Color: blue/orange | Sizes: S | Variante: Standard
With the bruno banani short Clear Sky, the name says it all: a radiant, almost metallic sky blue contrasts with the striking waistband in dark blue with bruno banani lettering in bright orange. With this color scheme, it is reminiscent of warm summer days with bright blue skies and pleasant rays of sunshine that awaken the spirits. Thus, this short brings the joie de vivre and lightness of summer to the point - and to the skin of its wearers. In terms of wearing comfort, too, this design, which is as simple as it is poignant, gets nothing but top marks. A highly intelligent cutting technique, the proven cotton/elastane mix with memory effect and outstanding craftsmanship are guaranteed to make these heavenly beautiful shorts a favorite in every man's underwear closet and an absolute must-have for the fashion summer of 2023. After all, hardly any other underpants for men are such a clear homage to the popular summer season as these.
€15.95 incl. VAT Member payment €14.35
Short print Satellite
Color: blue/orange print | Sizes: M | Variante: Standard
Sattelite, from the bruno banani underwear collection spring summer 2023, is a delicate yet concise design with subversive and powerful energy. The delicate lines, as if drawn, are reminiscent of the radio waves through which the satellite receives the signal of the smartphone - and from there transmits it to the radio station on earth. Sattelite celebrates the technical achievements of our century and abstracts them with high artistic mastery. That makes this print a textile work of art on the cutting edge. Equally relevant are the excellent wearing properties of the shorts. The sophisticated cotton/elastane blend in combination with excellent workmanship and cut ensures a perfect fit as well as maximum wearing comfort. The perfect men's underpants for anyone who celebrates the modern age and does not want to sacrifice comfort.
€17.95 incl. VAT Member payment €16.16
Short Check Line 2.0
Color: black checked | Sizes: 7XL | Variante: Standard
Die Entdeckung der Natur beginnt in uns selbst. Deshalb liegt unser Fokus auf natürlichen Farben mit einem aktiven und dynamischen Touch: Der Business Klassiker CHECK LINE 2.0 ist in den klassischen Farben Schwarz, Marine, Rot und Weiß vertreten. Für spannende Ab- wechslung im Wäscheschrank sorgen die bewährten Varianten Short, Hip Short, Sportslip, String und Tanga. Ergänzt von den dazu passenden Oberteilen Rundhalsshirt, Tanktop und V-Shirt wird CHECK LINE 2.0 zu einem Statement für Eleganz und Stil. Der Mix aus 90% Polyamid und 10% Elasthan garantiert perfekte Passform und höchsten Tragekomfort.
€22.95 incl. VAT Member payment €20.66
Short print Surround Bund innen
Color: orange/vanille/schwarz print | Sizes: XL | Variante: Standard
€6.50 €11.95 (45.61% saved) incl. VAT 30 days best price*: €6.50